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Key Services - We help you identify right set of technologies for your business.

We offer range of services from Building applications in the Cloud to Cost/Ops Optimization of existing applications. We carefully identify your business needs and help you choose the right set of technologies to build your product.

  • Develop Cloud-Native SaaS Applications. We have a team of skilled developers who are experts in the latest app frameworks, like React, React Native, Node.js, Amazon Web Services, Docker, Kubernetes etc. We can help you build scalable applications that can grow with your business.
  • Cloud Migration and Optimization (App Modernization). Cloud is the biggest enabler of digital transformation. We help you adopt cloud technologies to accelerate your business. We are also authorized AWS Consulting Partner. Get in touch to know more.
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Cost Optimization (DevOps, DevSecOps, and FinOps). We help you assess, analyze and optimize your cloud infrastructure to reduce costs and improve performance. Embrace Infrastructure as Code to ensure consistency, scalability, and efficiency across your entire technology stack.
  • Serverless Technologies. We are fascinated with Serverless architecture and infrastructure. Our use of serverless technologies ensures rapid development and deployment, minimizing infrastructure management and maximizing cost efficiency.

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Celebrating a Decade of Innovation: Kubernetes and AWS Lambda

The last ten years have been a transformative period in the world of technology, marked by the emergence and maturation of two groundbreaking technologies: Kubernetes and AWS Lambda. As Kubernetes celebrates its 10th anniversary and AWS Lambda approaches the same milestone in coming months, it's an opportune moment to highlight on their substantial impact on application development and management.

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Embracing the Serverless Cloud-Native Approach

The evolution of cloud computing has seen a significant shift towards serverless architectures, particularly for building robust, scalable, and cost-efficient applications. Let's explore this paradigm using a ridesharing app as our illustrative example, delving deeper into the technical intricacies and advantages, while leveraging a broader range of serverless services.

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